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sacred postpartum box
  • sacred postpartum box

    | sacred postpartum box |this box set includes all the botanical nourishment you need to nurture yourself through a sacred and restful postpartum.


    during the first few days and weeks postpartum it is essential to rest, to deeply care for our bodies, and to stay in bed skin to skin with our babies. the sacred postpartum rest time influences your body's healing from birth, your baby's immune system and life long gut health, your own pelvic floor health for the rest of your life, breastmilk supply, emotional and spiritual reintegration from birth, mental health and postpartum depression, and physiological bonding with your baby. while our culture is deeply broken around protecting and honoring this time for women immediately following birth, we can choose to prioritize this sacred time and set ourselves up for nourishment, love, support, and rest during those first days and weeks.this box includes my favorite plant medicine products for creating a healing, nurturing postpartum experience.


    click here for the full ten moons package!this box set includes:*two jars*| new moon mama bath |- postpartum herb bath -healing and soothing herbs for postpartum mamas. the herbs included in this blend help with perineal healing, soreness, and bleeding, as well as just nurturing and relaxing your body after birth. taking a daily herb bath while honoring your postpartum rest time is a wonderful way to reconnect to your body, soothe and heal your perineum, and just make space for self care during such a raw and sacred time.mix the herbs and salts in a clean bowl and return the jar. boil approximately 4 quarts of water in a covered pot. turn off the heat and add 1/4 - 1/2 of the jar (depending on the desired potency) to the hot water, stir, and cover. steep with the lid on for at least 20 minutes and strain into a shallow bath. the less water in the bath, the more concentrated the herbs will be, but make sure the water covers at least your perineum.(sitz baths squatting down in a bowl or pot are not recommended, as they place a lot of strain on your perineum and internal organs so soon after birth.)baby can join you in the bath if desired, and many of the herbs are helpful for cord healing as well.-new moon mama bath-calendulaplantaincomfreyyarrowst. joan's wortwitch hazelred cloverlavendermagnesium flakes| nourish mama tea |- pregnancy tea -nourishing tonic herbs for every day infusions that support a healthy pregnancy.these herbs tone the uterus, support healthy blood volume, ease nausea and cramps, and are rich in minerals - especially calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins K, B, D, C, and A. they help with hormonal balance, fertility, and milk production, so while this blend is perfected for pregnancy wellness, it is also beneficial before conception as well as after birth.this herb blend should be made as an infusion:add a handful (around an ounce) to a glass quart jar. fill to the top with boiling water and seal tightly. strain after at least 4 hours, or leave overnight. be sure to squeeze the herbs while straining to get all the nourishing minerals out! store in the fridge and drink within a day or two.drink up to a quart a day, or as your body asks of you.-nourish mama tea-red raspberry leafnettle leafoatstrawlemon balm| yoni soothe salve |- cooling salve for after birth healing -our bodies work so hard birthing our babies! this cooling, soothing balm feels so good on swollen and stretched tissues after birth, or on itchy healing skin in the first few weeks postpartum. it is made with herbs to nourish skin trauma and reduce swelling and hemorrhoids.this vibrant green oil is infused with chickweed, comfrey, witch hazel, st. joan's wort, peppermint, and lavender. these herbs are cooling and mildly astringent, promote healing and reduce itching and pain. these plants are wonderful friends to swollen tissues or vessels like hemorrhoids, and also promote new cell growth, and limit infection on broken skin.beeswax is added for making a smooth, rich salve as well as having antimicrobial properties that protect and promote healing.peppermint is infused into this oil as a whole herb, as well as added in very small amounts as an ethically produced essential oil to the finished salve. it is cooling, soothing, and just feels wonderful on swollen postpartum tissues or itchy skin.use as needed on the perineum or bottom after birth, or on hemorrhoids throughout pregnancy or anytime.-yoni soothe salve-olive oil infused with chickweed, comfrey, witch hazel, st. joan's wort, lavender, peppermintbeeswaxpeppermint essential oil| afterbirth cramp tincture |- tincture for afterbirth pains -this tincture is made with medicinal herbs meant to ease and support the immediate postpartum time.immediately after birth, contractions begin again to facilitate the important process of the uterus shrinking back to its normal size and healing the placental site. this tincture includes crampbark, motherwort, yarrow, and red raspberry leaf to ease the pain of these contractions and support the uterus through this sacred process. these are all herbs with a special affinity for the female reproductive system.hops are added to encourage relaxation, calm nerves, and support milk production.take one dropperful under the tongue or in a small glass of water every few hours or as needed to reduce pain.this is also a wonderful remedy for cramps during your normal monthly moon cycle!-afterbirth cramp tincture-crampbarkmotherwortyarrowhopsred raspberry leaf100 proof alcohol| motherwort tincture |• this tincture was wildcrafted under the full moon and harvested with intention and deep gratitude at the fall equinox •motherwort is a magical and deeply powerful women’s herb. this plant truly feels like a sister. it’s botanical name, leonurus cardiaca, means ‘lion heart’ and it feels like the herb of mothers and all women who carry this power and lineage. this plant has traditionally been used to calm nerves and settle superficial anger. it soothes stress and anxiety and mellows uterine cramps or other pains.this is the perfect plant sister for postpartum, traditionally used to ease afterpains, but also to create an energy of sacred protection around the new mother resting in bed.take a few drops of tincture, up to a dropperful and repeat as needed.-motherwort tincture-fresh motherwort100 proof alcoholall ingredients are always organically produced or ethically wildcrafted and whenever possible are sourced from our own farm or other local herbalists.

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      we are a small shop. it's just me, making all our medicines by hand, and serving women in birth. i care deeply about the integrity of the plants, the land, the medicine, and the well being of both my family and the women i serve. i know you feel this when these magic medicines come home to you.
      accordingly, most orders ship within 10 business days. if you need something more urgently, we are happy to try to get something to you more quickly if we can - please email me after you place your order.

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