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mothering the mother postpartum box
  • mothering the mother postpartum box

    This is the perfect collection of nurturing postpartum wellness for the mother or birthing parent. These items are exactly what sits on my nightstand in the days following birth.

    Milky Oats tincture brings the soothing, comforting energy of oat medicine and is the perfect postpartum tincture for nourishing wellness. Milky oats brings grounding, balancing energy in times of intense transition, overwhelm, and exhaustion. It is rich in trace minerals for rebuilding the postpartum body, and of course has an energetic relationship to all things milky, mothering, and tender. 

    St. John's Wort {Solstice Wort} oil is perfect for postpartum aches and tenderness. It is deeply warming, magical medicine, carrying the energy of the sun and alchemical transformation - mirroring the powerful transition into new motherhood. This oil penetrates deep into muscles and tissues with heat and healing. It is wonderful for postpartum womb massage, daily body oiling for relaxation and lymph movement as you lay resting in bed, sore perineal tissue, and swollen breasts. It is also wonderfully supportive for scars and wounds after a perineal tear or cesarean incision.


    Motherwort tincture truly feels like a sister. It’s botanical name, leonurus cardiaca, means ‘lion heart’ and it feels like the herb of mothers and all women who carry this power and lineage. This plan soothes anxiety, mellows uterine cramps, and creates an energy of sacred protection around the new mother resting in bed.

    Flower Baby Booty Balm can be used on your newborns body or diaper area, but it is also the perfect nipple cream for sore and sensitive nipples that are normal and common in the first days of nursing. Our breasts are undergoing so much transition! The all natural whole plant herbal oils in this salve are totally safe for consumption just in case any remains on your nipples during breastfeeding, although it's best to wipe off any external substance before your newborn latches on. 

    These come in a beautiful wooden box for gifting or bedside storage.





    all ingredients are always organically produced or ethically wildcrafted and whenever possible are sourced from our own farm or other local herbalists.

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