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elderberry syrup
  • elderberry syrup

    our elderberry syrup is made with:


    • wildcrafted black and blue elderberries
    • rosehips for bioaccessible vitamin c
    • warm spicy fresh and dried ginger root
    • the spices cinnamon and clove for warmth and immune boosting benefits
    • sea salt for broad spectrum trace minerals
    • elderflower tincture for the full immune boosting constituents of the plant, as well as some preservative function for long lasting syrup, made with fresh elderflower from the same trees
    • raw, unfiltered, local honey
    • fresh spring water


    our elderberry syrup is made from the same recipe we've been using for years because our kids absolutely LOVE it and want to drink it all the time. it's warm and sweet and just a tiny bit spicy.

    we take a teaspoon daily for kids, a tablespoon for adults, or more as needed.


    *please refrigerate upon receipt!*


    you can also make your own elderberry syrup at home for a fraction of the cost! our DIY elderberry syrup kids are always available here:
    elderberry syrup kit

    all ingredients are always organically produced or ethically wildcrafted and whenever possible are sourced from our own farm or other local herbalists.

    | elderberry syrup |
    ginger root
    sea salt
    raw unfiltered honey
    elderflower tincture
    spring water


    you are the sole authority over your own body. these statements are not medical advice and are not regulated or approved by the FDA or any other certifying agency. this product is not meant to cure a disease or act in any medical capacity.

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      we offer free shipping on all orders over $50!


      we are a small shop. it's just me, making all our medicines by hand, and serving women in birth. i care deeply about the integrity of the plants, the land, the medicine, and the well being of both my family and the women i serve. i know you feel this when these magic medicines come home to you.
      accordingly, most orders ship within 10 business days. if you need something more urgently, we are happy to try to get something to you more quickly if we can - please email me after you place your order.

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