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elderberry syrup kit
  • elderberry syrup kit

    make your own elderberry syrup at home for a fraction of the cost and using your own local honey, perfectly suited to your own native pollens.
    | these kits make at least one quart of syrup - 4 times the amount of our bottled syrup for the same price! |
    elderberries are well known for their immune boosting, antiviral, antioxidant properties. this syrup kit also includes rosehips for an easily assimilated dose of vitamin c, as well as warming cinnamon, clove, and ginger, which all contribute to enhancing immunity.
    in addition to this kit, you will need your own local, raw, unfiltered honey. you can also use alternative sweeteners to taste, but will lose out on the immune benefits of honey.
    the kit includes easy to read instructions and will give you a family's supply of syrup for daily immune support, an extra kick when sick, or even just a delicious topping for pancakes or yogurt!
    kids take one teaspoon daily, adults one tablespoon for general immune support, or more as needed when battling illness.
    you can also find elderberry syrup kits in our family wellness box with a collection of our favorite offerings for your family medicine cabinet!
    all ingredients are always organically produced or ethically wildcrafted and whenever possible are sourced from our own farm or other local herbalists.
    | elderberry syrup kit |
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      we are a small shop. it's just me, making all our medicines by hand, and serving women in birth. i care deeply about the integrity of the plants, the land, the medicine, and the well being of both my family and the women i serve. i know you feel this when these magic medicines come home to you.
      accordingly, most orders ship within 10 business days. if you need something more urgently, we are happy to try to get something to you more quickly if we can - please email me after you place your order.

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