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Weaving the Nest is an online course on everything you need to plan for a sacred, nourishing postpartum. Combining detailed articles and rich, incredible resources with personal, intimate video teachings, this course is designed to feel sacred and beautiful and connected and to share with you all the ancient birth wisdom you never knew you needed for planning your postpartum time.

This course blends honest, radical midwifery knowledge for anyone choosing an autonomous birth experience with wise woman care and traditional wisdom for nurturing all of us through these sacred hours, days, weeks, and months.

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Weaving the Nest:

Planning for a Sacred Postpartum

The first hours after birth...

Catching your baby, the placenta and cord, bleeding, hormones and physiology, breastfeeding, all about your body, all about your baby's body, nourishment, tearing, complications, newborn transition, and more.

The first days after birth...
Breastfeeding, caring for your body, boundaries, plant medicine, the newborn exam, the famous Day Three, pediatricians, being witnessed, how to find your mothering, changes for you and baby's body, household balance, telling your birth story, and more.

The first weeks after birth...
Pelvic floor wellness, relationships, ancestral trauma and rest, why we shouldn't "bounce back" and how to find support, integrating motherhood, sex, milk supply, the placenta, nourishment, rest, hard feelings, and more.

The first months after birth...
Support and community, partnership and household management, baby care, family herbal medicine, diapering, natural development, and first foods, processing your birth, and more.

Recipes, reflection questions, printable tutorials and art, and an incredible wealth of stories, experiences, truth-telling, and inspiration from a mother of four babies born at home and independent birth keeper of over 10 years.

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