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yarrow herbal oil
  • yarrow herbal oil

    | yarrow herbal oil |

    • limited batch •

    yarrow's most powerful tradition is as a grounding, protective plant. it helps us to hold loving boundaries, and creates an energy of protection, vitality, and nourishment within our circle. this is the oil i turn to when i need the cloak of a fierce and wise warrior for justice and liberation.

    yarrow oil is traditionally used as a skin healer, particularly for sensitive skin and painful abrasions. it has pain relieving qualities and can be used on sore or sensitive skin and hands, bruises, or scrapes. it's a gentle and sweet smelling massage oil for sensitive skin or when in need of energetic protection. i particularly love to use this oil for gentle massage of the abdomen for stimulating digestion or soothing a crampy stomach.

    yarrow is wonderful for moving blood and stimulating circulation so it is a great massage oil for varicose veins or hemorrhoids. it also has constituents that help provide relief to arthritic pain.

    this oil is a golden green and has a spicy, honeyed, floral scent.

    our oils are for external use only.

    all ingredients are always organically produced or ethically wildcrafted and whenever possible are sourced from our own farm or other local herbalists.

    | yarrow herbal oil |
    yarrow aerial tops
    cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

    2 fl. oz

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      we are a small shop. it's just me, making all our medicines by hand, and serving women in birth. i care deeply about the integrity of the plants, the land, the medicine, and the well being of both my family and the women i serve. i know you feel this when these magic medicines come home to you.
      accordingly, most orders ship within 10 business days. if you need something more urgently, we are happy to try to get something to you more quickly if we can - please email me after you place your order.

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