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wild birth prenatal package for one on one support

wild birth prenatal package for one on one support

| freebirth and homebirth support |


I offer prenatal care and postpartum support in person here in the Bay Area and virtually. 

This wild birth prenatal care is for folks who are planning a freebirth or wild birth at home who want all the wise woman support of prenatal and postpartum care, but don't necessarily need on-call birth support. I work with women and families who know they want a fully autonomous, physiological birth experience and are committed to taking full responsibility for their pregnancy and birth, and reclaiming their own authority through this sacred transformation.


This relationship includes:


Monthly in person prenatal visits.

These are largely directed by you; some women want to use that time for more hands on clinical tools and I offer support in you practicing or utilizing those tools yourself, in your own autonomy. More often these visits are a time to talk about your birth dreams, explore birth wisdom, talk through nutrition, relationships, boundaries, and wellness. We can unpack questions and concerns, and address any specific issues coming up for you. This is time to nourish you and prepare you for birthing in confidence and power on your own terms.


One partner support meeting.

This is a longer session with you and the birth partner of your choosing - to answer questions, address fears, or talk through a plan for birth and postpartum support. This can also include radical childbirth education, talking about the basics of physiological birth for partners who may not totally understand the why and how of undisturbed birth.


Two+ postpartum visits.

I will come to you as soon as feels good after your baby is born. This can be immediately after the birth (availability permitting) if that's desired, or a few hours or days post birth. This time is for you to be witnessed in processing your birth, telling your story, or supporting you with breastfeeding, questions, body healing, or just holding space for you to integrate your new motherhood. I can also help guide your care team in the best ways to support you. We will stay connected over the first 40 days with regular check-ins and one more postpartum visit to close your birthing time.

Membership in our online community The Wild Pregnancy Path through 3 months postpartum is included.

And of course, I am always here for text and email support.


please note that this wise woman freebirth support offering does not include an on-call commitment. while i will always make the effort to be available around your birthing time, and show up as soon as you’d like me to after the birth, the timing of the immediate postpartum visit is also dependent on my own schedule availability.


please just reach out if you’re interested in talking about on-call birth support!


the $25 online payment available for purchase here covers a 30 minute video connection to share more details about prenatal and postpartum care, answer your questions, and see if we are a good fit. payment for this investment can be arranged separately if we decide to work together!


I also offer virtual prenatal care! 
This looks a little different of course, but I find we're still able to create intimate and supportive connection, even over zoom. Please book this intro session to connect and talk more if you're interested in working together virtually through your pregnancy!




| we offer a 10% reparations offering discount on all our wild birth products and services to Black and Indigenous Women of Color as a small recognition of the ways in which white supremacy has marginalized WOC and access to traditional birthkeeping. if this applies to you, feel free to use the code REPARATIONS on your order at checkout. |




i am not a medical provider, including a licensed midwife, by choice. almost all of the time, birth is not a medical event. if you are choosing a medicalized birth experience, please seek the care and advice of a provider who matches your needs.​​​

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