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winter wellness tea
  • winter wellness tea

    tea blend for supporting your innate immunity and wellness


    this herbal tea blend supports the immune system during the winter months or any time we aren't feeling well. it’s what we reach for when the sickies are going around, or when someone in our family is fighting off a cold or other illness. it has a delicious, warm spice flavor with enough freshness to soothe the body when you’re not feeling well.


    make as a tea and drink as is, or add a little honey as desired.


    peppermint boosts antioxidants and helps to open sinuses and soothe digestion and has a refreshing, cool taste.
    lemon balm is antiviral, helps achy muscles and digestion, and has a bright citrusy flavor.

    thyme is one of the best herbs for fighting off viral infections and packs a punch in supporting immunity in this blend. it has a soothing, minty-woodsy smell.

    ginger is a well known traditional herb for sickness. it is anti-inflammatory and helps with digestion and boosting the immune system. it has a warm, spicy flavor that blends well in this tea to open up the sinuses and soothe the belly.

    yarrow is another powerhouse herb for serious immune support. it's warming properties boost your own natural immune response and help fight off infection. it has a floral honey bitter flavor.

    rosehips are high in bioavailable vitamin c and antioxidants and have a delicious fruity taste.

    elderberry is of course a classic immune supportive herb, rich in vitamins and antioxidants that support your body in strengthening your innate immunity. it has a tart, delicious berry flavor.




    these herbs are carefully sourced to be the freshest and most delicious we can find. we gather and dry herbs in our home garden, as well as source from local regenerative farmers whenever we can. we seek out plants grown using sustainable, nutrient dense methods, and harvest at the peak of their potency.

    this tea comes with 5 ounces of dry herbs packed generously into a beautiful glass jar.

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