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ten moons | radical childbirth education

ten moons | radical childbirth education

the ten moons circle is a totally unique and powerful series of workshops on navigating wild, normal birth on your terms.


this is a community-centered radical pregnancy and birth education series for women exploring free and autonomous choices in birth. 


{regretfully, this series is on hold temporarily as we all navigate these difficult times. we can't wait to gather again in person, sister to sister, side by side!}


we meet every sunday afternoon for one month in oakland, sitting in a backyard garden or a warm cozy living room. the space is set with flowers and candles, herbal tea and nourishing food. 


each session is a workshop + women’s circle.


the first half of our time together is a workshop centered on a specific topic. radical, wise woman knowledge will be shared on wild pregnancy, undisturbed birth, and the sacred postpartum through the lens of feminism and physiology. we will re-remember together our deep ancestral knowing and innate animal wisdom. 


this month long series of workshops is the only radical childbirth education being offered in the bay area - centering women, physiological birth, intuitive mothering, and autonomous pregnancy. come be in community with other women exploring what it means to birth in power on your own terms!

following our workshop and some delicious snacks, we will gather in circle to create space to connect and unpack the workshop. this time is in the framework of a women’s circle, and offers personal, intimate support in a ceremonial space of women walking the same path. it is a space to ask questions, listen, share experiences, voice fears, and hear stories of women birthing in power.


each session includes tea, snacks, and a small gift to take home. these meetings are meant to not only rekindle our ancient mammalian knowledge of birth, pregnancy, motherhood, and matriarchy, but also to offer nurturing and inspiring space for you as you navigate this journey. 


we hope to create a space where you can build connection and relationships with other wild women on a similar path in our community who are traveling with you on your journey to motherhood. sisterhood and connection in the postpartum time is invaluable!


all workshops the ten moons series are held on sundays at 3 pm in oakland, california.

we offer this series once per season - spring, summer, fall, and winter. 

the next series is ... TBD!
we will keep you posted when we gather again. this space usually lists exact dates and times. we can't wait to connect with you again. please book a consult here or reach out via email to schedule a personalized series of virtual radical childbirth education.

the first three workshops of the ten moon mamas series are for birthing women only and cover:

| wild pregnancy |
| physiological birth |

| the sacred postpartum |

our last session is for you and your partner if you have one! 

| what if?! what next?! | is our final gathering where you and your partner can ask all of your questions and we talk about newborn care, transforming relationships, and the first year postpartum. it's a really special time to sit in circle, meet other families, ask all of your "what ifs", laugh and connect and send you into your birthing time together. sometimes my partner even joins us!

if you’re interested in a full family-oriented childbirth education workshop with your partner, we offer private workshops in your home covering physiological birth in depth. please see our wild birth for families workshop listing here. 


reciprocity investment - $495




| we offer a 10% reparations offering discount on all our wild birth products and services to Black and Indigenous Women of Color as a small recognition of the ways in which white supremacy has marginalized WOC and access to traditional birthkeeping. if this applies to you, feel free to use the code REPARATIONS on your order at checkout. |




i am not a medical provider, including a licensed midwife, by choice. almost all of the time, birth is not a medical event. if you are choosing a medicalized birth experience, please seek the care and advice of a provider who matches your needs.​​​

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