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st. john’s wort tincture
  • st. john’s wort tincture

    | st. john’s wort tincture |

    solstice wort

    st. joan’s wort



    this tincture is made from fresh flowering st. john’s wort from the hillsides of the bay area. the brilliant yellow flowers blossom at the height of the summer sun, and as they infuse they become vibrant bright red medicine.



    st. john’s wort is a well known ally against depressive moods - bringing its brilliant colors of the sun as medicine.

    it is also used as a powerful tonic for nerve and systemic pain - sciatica, shingles, isolated nerve pain, or sore or spasming muscles.

    this is a go-to medicine for headaches in our home.



    all ingredients are always organically produced or ethically wildcrafted and whenever possible are sourced from our own farm or other local herbalists.



    | st. john’s wort tincture |

    fresh st. john’s wort flowering tops

    100 proof alcohol


    2 oz

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