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smooth veins salve
  • smooth veins salve

    salve for supporting healthy circulation in the veins


    this salve is made with whole plant infused herbal oils that help relieve pain and swelling of varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and swelling. it promotes healthy blood flow and the astrigent properties help reduce inflammation and shrink swollen tissues associated with varicosities of all kinds. this salve has also been helpful in reducing the discomfort of vulvar varicosities in pregnancy.


    use generously and apply as needed.


    these herbs are carefully sourced to be the freshest and most delicious we can find. we gather and dry herbs in our home garden, as well as source from local regenerative farmers whenever we can. we seek out plants grown using sustainable, nutrient dense methods, and harvest at the peak of their potency.


    | smooth veins salve |

    yarrow flowering tops

    self heal {prunella vulgaris} flowering tops

    witch hazel bark

    goldenrod flowering tops

    white oak bark

    cold pressed organic olive oil


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