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organic cotton baby blanket {big sagebrush}
  • organic cotton baby blanket {big sagebrush}

    | big sagebrush |
    plant dyed organic cotton swaddle blanket


    organic cotton dyed by hand with locally sourced sustainably grown plants.

    this dye was created with big sagebrush, harvested with respect from the open desert space of new mexico.

    our fiber products reflect the soil and living ecology of place - mostly the east bay area.

    we never use commercial dyes, extracts, or powders. all the plants sourced for our plant dyed fibers are thoughtfully chosen with awareness of the land, seasons, ancestral practices, balanced ecology, and traditional foodways. we harvest wild plants ourselves with honor and care, or grow many of our own dyestuff on our sustainably managed land. a few dye products are grown with intention by local farmers. plant based dyes are safe and even nourishing for our environment, soil, and water systems.

    • this is a living item! plant dyes are by nature imperfect and reflective of the complexity of real living plants and soils and the chemistry of hand dyeing. while all of our fiber products are crafted to maximize light and wash fastness, plant based dyes by their nature are less even and permanent than conventional chemical coloring. some variation in color or depth across the item is normal and beautifully unique! some slight changes in color over time are expected with light exposure and washing. you can maximize the life of your fibers by washing in cold water with a gentle ph-neutral soap. please wash alone or with like colors for the first few washes. all wool and silk fibers should be line dried for best results. •

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