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nutrition and herbs for the childbearing year

nutrition and herbs for the childbearing year

| nutrition and herbs for the childbearing year |


in this nutrition and herbs consult, we dive into optimal nutrition for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. nutrition is probably the most powerful tool we have control over to influence pregnancy wellness and to prepare for the best physical experience postpartum. we talk about the physical needs of the pregnant and postpartum body and explore your own personal nutritional needs through the framework of the brewer diet and beyond. i offer my own weekly checklist to use as your own unique guideline and help you figure out budgeting, access, and best options for your family needs.


this consult also includes a brief discussion of herbal support for pregnancy and postpartum! we cover favorite herbs and how to make some of your own basic herbal remedies.

in full transparency, so you can be best supported:
my years of experience working with women in the childbearing year have led me to believe strongly in the importance of ancestral foodways, including the nutrient dense and ecologically ideal traditional fertility foods that come from pasture based animals. while i certainly can offer support to women from across the spectrum of nutritional choices, if you are choosing a vegan pregnancy, you may be better supported by someone with that specific experience!


this consult is approximately 1 hour and occurs over zoom online video conference.


reciprocity investment - $150

[discounted rates are available for multiple sessions]


when you purchase this listing, please share a message with me in the notes about what you'd like to discuss. i can’t wait to hear your story!


you'll automatically receive an email where you can schedule our time to connect.

we offer a 10% reparations offering discount on all our wild birth products and services to Black and Indigenous women as a small recognition of the ways in which white supremacy has marginalized BIWOC and access to traditional birthkeeping. if this applies to you, feel free to use the code REPARATIONS on your order at checkout.




i am not a medical provider, including a licensed midwife, by choice. almost all of the time, birth is not a medical event. if you are choosing a medicalized birth experience, please seek the care and advice of a provider who matches your needs.​​​

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