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herbal lip balm mini set
  • herbal lip balm mini set

    | herbal lip balm set |

    now you can choose your own lip balms!

    our lip balms are handmade with our potent herbal infused oils to nourish skin and lips. they each have a subtle unique flavor, smooth glide, and some have a tiny tint of color. there are no additives, preservatives, or other questionable ingredients, just delicious whole plant herbs and oils that are always safe to eat.

    choose a set of three, any flavors!
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    | calendula mint |
    our powerful calendula infused herbal oil and a tiny bit of peppermint essential oil. this balm is fresh and minty, with super skin nourishing calendula and a sheer, simple shine.

    | flower baby |
    lavender and calendula infused herbal oil with gardenia fruit for a hint of color. this balm is subtly lavender scented and a sweet pale rusty color.

    | cacao |
    calendula infused herbal oil with raw organic cacao. this dark beautiful balm offers a gorgeous color tint and sweet chocolate flavor.

    | evergreen |
    ghost pine and redwood infused herbal oils plus a tiny hint of pinyon pine essential oil. this balm smells like green winter forests, and has a subtle invigorating freshness with a clear shine.

    | sunsoaked |
    potent fresh st. joan's wort herbal oil infused with lemon balm. st. joan's wort is a magical oil that transforms the brilliant sunshine yellow blossoms of midsummer to deep blood red oil in the warmth of the sun's light. this balm has a subtle red tint and a hint of citrusy scent. this balm is also deeply medicinal for cold sores.

    | chamomile sage |
    chamomile herbal oil infused with culinary and white sage. this balm has an herbaceous, gentle floral scent and a clear shine.

    | wild rose |
    our wild rose infused herbal body oil and just a tiny drop of moroccan rose absolute. this balm has a sheer pink tint and the sweet, heart opening scent of rose.

    all ingredients are always organically produced or ethically wildcrafted and whenever possible are sourced from our own farm or other local herbalists.

    | lip balms |
    herbal infused oil
    raw cocoa butter
    plus herbs and spices for flavor and color

    0.15 oz each

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      we are a small shop. it's just me, making all our medicines by hand, and serving women in birth. i care deeply about the integrity of the plants, the land, the medicine, and the well being of both my family and the women i serve. i know you feel this when these magic medicines come home to you.
      accordingly, most orders ship within 10 business days. if you need something more urgently, we are happy to try to get something to you more quickly if we can - please email me after you place your order.

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