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diy herbal salve kit
  • diy herbal salve kit

    Make your own salves!


    Here’s your chance to make your own herbal medicine. Choose the oils you want to mix your own salves at home. You can make plenty of one kind, or use the oils you choose to mix a few different blends. 


    You choose your own four whole plant infused oils.


    The kit comes with:

    • Herbal Oils (4 one ounce bottles) 

    • Beeswax

    • Storage tins (4)

    • Blank labels

    • Instruction card


    This is the perfect way to dip your toes into herbal medicine making, or craft the perfect salve for your needs with the potent, vibrant Moon & Honey oils you love. 


    And it makes a great gift for the budding herbalist in your life!


    Choose from the following herbal oils:



    Increases blood flow to help swelling, trauma, bruises, and sore muscles. Has a neutral, slightly floral-citrusy scent.
    Not for use on broken skin.

    {made with blossoms of arnica montana}

    One of the most potent skin-healing herbs, used for wounds, rashes, bites, burns, or scars. Has an earthy, resinous scent. 

    {made with whole blossom and calyx, freshly dried from harvest to preserve resins}



    Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Helpful chest rub for coughs and colds. Protective plant, associated in many cultures with ceremony and ancestral connection. Has a resinous, evergreen, citrusy scent.

    {made with fresh incense cedar leaves}



    Gentle, skin soothing. Promotes calm and rest, and is good for irritation or minor wounds on sensitive skin. Has a floral, sunny, apple-ish scent. 

    {made with german chamomile blossoms, freshly dried from harvest}


    Soothes and cools itchy, dry skin. Used for varicosities, and supportive of breast health. Has a very mild, milky green scent.

    {made with fresh and dried chickweed flowering tops}


    Traditionally called “bone-knit." Potent regenerative plant. Used for superficial skin abrasions, or internal injuries of the ligaments, muscle, or bone. Has a chocolatey, rich earthy scent.

    Not for use on deep wounds, or with any sign of infection.
    {made with comfrey leaves, freshly dried from harvest}


    Ghost Pine:
    Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Helps inflammation from arthritis or other aches and pains. Has a lemony, bright evergreen scent.
    {made with fresh ghost pine leaves}

    Antimicrobial. Good for circulation, varicose veins, healing bruises and achy muscles. Has a warm, straw and honey like scent.
    {made with flowering goldenrod tops, freshly dried from harvest}

    Protective heart medicine for moving through grief and ancestral healing. This rose-family herb helps with softening, and holding strong spiritual and emotional boundaries. Benefits circulation and lymph movement. Has a sweet, raspberry scent.
    {made with hawthorn berries, freshly dried from harvest}


    Calming and relaxing. Helpful for minor wounds, scratches, and burns. It’s most famous usage is as relaxant and sleep aid, so it’s perfect for bedtime rituals, anxiety, or headaches. This is one of our favorite herbs for diaper rash or other skin issues with babies and kids. Has an herbaceous, evergreen, floral scent.

    {made with the blossoms of lavender, freshly dried from harvest}

    Warming oil used for womb support, menstrual cramps, and protection. Supports grief, anxiety, and other muscle or nerve pain. Has a mild chocolatey-green scent.
    {made with flowering tops of motherwort, freshly dried from harvest}

    This is an herb of dreams, spiritual practice, and deep roots. It supports the deep-action of other medicinal herbs, and is often used for sore muscles or strains. Used in ceremony to bring vivid dreams, connect to ancestors, or support blood flow from the womb. Has a magical sage-like, smoky, skunky citrus scent.
    {made with the leaves of california native mugwort, freshly dried from harvest}

    While this oil is a little milder than the fresh leaves used in tea, it still has the same cooling, circulatory system benefits. Great for abdominal massage for digestive support or as a chest rub. Has a mild, minty scent.
    {made with peppermint leaves}

    Skin super food! One of the best for skin irriation, cuts, scrapes, rashes, or just hardworking hands that get dry, cracked, or calloused. Has a grassy, green, mild scent.
    {made with plantain leaves}

    Red Clover:
    Circulation-supportive, skin soothing flower with traditional relationships to the womb, breasts, and fertility. It is wonderful for lymphatic massage. Has a soft, grassy, floral scent.
    {made with red clover blossoms, freshly dried from harvest}

    Anti-microbial. Grounding, centering oil used ceremonially as well as for lung support, minor skin irritation, and protection. Has a lingering, sweet spicy evergreen scent.
    {made with fresh redwood leaves}


    Supports smooth, healthy skin. Helpful for minor skin irritation or redness, mildly antimicrobial. Rose is a protective plant which can bring balance between fierce strength and gentle softness. Good for the lymphatic system and breast tissue. Has a sweet, floral scent.
    {made with rose petals, freshly dried from harvest}

    Antimicrobial. Used for pain relief, particularly for arthritis and menstrual cramps. Helpful chest rub for coughs and sore throats. Stress relieving, cleansing, and protective. Has a potent evergreen, turpentine-like, warm, citrusy scent.
    {made from fresh and freshly dried california sagebrush leaves}


    Self heal:
    Skin healing herb used for minor wounds, varicose veins, lymphatic massage, or knots under the skin. Said to offer mild sun protection. Has a mild, grassy scent.
    {made from self heal flowering tops, freshly dried from harvest}


    Skullcap: Relaxing, calming and pain relieving. Particularly for uterine cramps or headaches. Has a mild, woody green smell. 

    {made from skullcap flowering tops, freshly dried from harvest}


    St. john’s wort:
    Oil of the sun. This is one of the most magical and potent medicinal herbs. Feels deeply warming on the skin. Good for burns, muscle trauma and bruising, shingles or nerve pain, and bringing light and sun into hard times. Has a citrusy, grassy scent.
    {made with fresh flowering tops of st. john’s wort}


    Witch hazel

    Astrigent herb for supporting circulation, varicose veins, and healing minor skin irriation and bruising. Offers some soothing pain relief. Has a mild, sharp woodsy scent.
    {made with witch hazel leaf and bark}


    Yarrow offers protection and helps us hold boundaries physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It can offer pain-relief and helps with circulation making it great for minor wounds, varicose veins, or digestion. Has a spicy, honeyed, floral scent.
    {made with yarrow blossoms and leaves, freshly dried from harvest}

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