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dark moon womb balm
  • dark moon womb balm

    balm for womb massage during bleeding times, or for reconnection and healing.

    not recommended for use in pregnancy


    this balm is made with whole plant infused herbal oils that soothe menstrual cramps, nourish the womb, and support healing connection to our bodies during bleeding time or transitions.


    use generously to massage your womb area to ease cramping or discomfort during your bleeding time, or whenever you'd like to feel a connection to your body or encourage healthy cycles.


    these herbs are carefully sourced to be the freshest and most delicious we can find. we gather and dry herbs in our home garden, as well as source from local regenerative farmers whenever we can. we seek out plants grown using sustainable, nutrient dense methods, and harvest at the peak of their potency.


    | dark moon womb balm |

    hops flower

    california native mugwort leaf

    skullcap flowering tops

    st. john's wort fresh flowering tops

    motherwort flowering tops

    cold pressed organic olive oil


    topped with a sprinkling of black tourmaline powder for protection

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