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conscious conception

conscious conception

| conscious conception |


in this conscious conception session, we explore fertility awareness and ideas of how you can prepare physically, spiritually, and emotionally for conception. so many women have never even been taught the basic, beautiful physiology of our fertility cycles. we cover the basics of female fertility, ideal nutrition, herbal support, ceremony and ritual, and hold space for your own story and questions as you walk this path. 


this consult is approximately 1 hour and occurs over zoom online video conference.


reciprocity investment - $150

[discounted rates are available for multiple sessions]


when you purchase this listing, please share a message with me in the notes about what you'd like to discuss. i can’t wait to hear your story!


you'll automatically receive an email where you can schedule our time to connect.


we offer a 10% reparations offering discount on all our wild birth products and services to Black and Indigenous women as a small recognition of the ways in which white supremacy has marginalized BIWOC and access to traditional birthkeeping. if this applies to you, feel free to use the code REPARATIONS on your order at checkout.




i am not a medical provider, including a licensed midwife, by choice. almost all of the time, birth is not a medical event. if you are choosing a medicalized birth experience, please seek the care and advice of a provider who matches your needs.​​​

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