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ceremony set herbal oils
  • ceremony set herbal oils

    herbal infused oils are powerful plant medicine. these special blends are hand crafted with whole plants harvested in intentional relationship and infused to extract potent, medicinal elements. to sing you the song of the plants.

    each of these oils has a story. the energy of the plants is more than their swoon worthy scents, though that is dreamy too. these blends were chosen with care to offer deep roots, webs of protection, and warm power.⁣

    they’re for ritual and ceremony.
    or for delicious every day nourishment. ⁣
    for wild pregnancy and sacred postpartum care.
    for intimate moments with lovers.
    for warm baths and soft baby bellies.
    for a little extra courage before a journey.
    for connection to a spirit baby or lost one.⁣
    and so much more.

    my prayer is that they remind us, that we may rerememeber the old ways, who we are, and all that we are connected to in sacred responsibility. ⁣

    may they bring wellness and joy.⁣

    This Collection is sold as a set of 4 unique herbal oil blends, each containing 4 fluid ounces.
    These are the included oils:

    •at the feet of the trees, at the mouth of the sea•
    california sagebrush

    for roots, reminding us where we come from and where we belong to the earth. these plants grow together in the space between water and soil, and carry the memories of places left far behind. this oil reminds us that we all belong to the land somewhere, that we are known and know ourselves through this relationship, that we have always been part of the in between, the ancient ways, and the sacred soil.

    •and we are full of the sun•
    solstice wort | st. john's wort

    for finding the sun, soaking up the ancient light within us, remembering all the ways in which we are all things fire, magic and fierce.
    this oil soaks our skin with warmth, and pulls the stories of fire, light, and sun from the glowing blossoms of the plants themselves into our own being.

    •of the ancestors wildest dreams•
    california native mugwort
    lavender blossom
    incense cedar leaf

    for calling in dreams, connecting with those who came before us or who are yet to return. this is a medicine of deep roots, pulling us down into our deepest knowing, finding and weaving pathways to spirit, revealing womb stories and blood mysteries, and creating ceremony in dreamtime.

    •in the way of warriors and women•

    for protection. these plants are powerful and wild, soft and sharp, fire and ferocity. they remind us who we are and all the ways we are held.

    more about herbal oils:

    herbal body oiling is an ancient and profoundly potent method for absorbing herbal plant constituents, hydrating the skin, caring for the lymphatic system and strengthening immunity, as well as providing ritual around wellness and relaxation.
    our skin is one of the most important conduits for wellness and hydration, which is far more readily available and deeply nourishing in the form of fats instead of water based lotions. using infused herbal oils on the skin makes their medicinal qualities easily accessible by the body.
    daily oil massage is a vital part of caring for our circulatory system, which supports almost every function in the body. lymphatic wellness, immune support, digestion, hormonal balance and stress regulation are all supported by daily oil massage.

    daily oil massage is an ancient traditional practice that is said to improve sleep, joint pain, digestion, immune function, anxiety, and hormonal balance.

    our infused herbal oils are made with herbs harvested at their peak medicinal quality and infused to extract the most valuable constituents. using herbal infused oils made with whole botanicals is a powerful conduit for the nourishing and medicinal qualities of the plants themselves - these have nothing to do with harsh and highly processed essential oils that can be irritating on sensitive skin, and are incredibly environmentally destructive. these oils are made with respectfully and sustainably harvested whole plants and infused to obtain the full spectrum of properties they have to offer.

    herbal body oils can be used directly on the skin as a part of a daily oiling routine - simply massage into skin as needed, focusing on flowing with your circulation.
    they can also be dropped into the bath for an extra relaxing experience.

    our oils are for external use only.

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