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we can't wait to see you again in early spring!

Our shop is currently in the middle of a winter hibernation as we welcome a new baby into our family and set up shop in a brand new location for The Moon & Honey Herbal Shop.


We will be back in the early spring with fresh new stock, a brand new website, and maybe a few exciting new things. 

We also know that many of you rely on us for your family's medicine and nourishment and especially for your herbal support during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum - and we love that! If there's something you've been dreaming of for your birth kit or something you really need, please feel free to email and we'll see what we can do. 

Thanks for all your support, and for flowing with us through this season of rest, tucking inward, and winter.

the herbal shop

moon and honey is deeply committed to regenerative, sacred medicine making that honors ancestral wisdom, cultural traditions, ecological balance, and the respectful harvest.

our herbs and plants come from our own cultivation or are wildcrafted in relationship to the respectful harvest - with an offering back to the land and attention to harvest practices that support regeneration and the local ecology. when we do purchase herbs from external growers, we strive to support small sustainable farms whenever possible, and always purchase organic. 

we are committed to crafting our offerings in ways that maximize the unique qualities of each plant. our products are made with herbs harvested at their peak medicinal quality and processed according to each plant's unique blueprint to extract the most valuable constituents and create the most potent, aromatic, delicious, and nourishing plant medicine possible. 

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herbal oils
teas & baths
the childbearing year
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We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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