everything changes when women gather. we are rebuilding the village, reremembering our deep wisdom, sharing stories, teaching and learning, and creating community. 

virtual community circle

our community prenatal circles are an incredibly powerful seasonal opportunity to connect to your deepest intuition and your baby as you prepare for birth.

We'll gather together online in a comfortable place with a warm drink or whatever you'd like. We'll share and connect and hear a story of birthing in power. You'll have a chance to share YOUR birth dream - tapping into your wild, creative, instinctual dream for your birth to begin to craft the confidence you need to birth on your terms. We'll release fears in the company of wise women who trust you, share your worries, and know you don’t need to be fixed or saved.

This is a sacred space where you’ll laugh, remember, be challenged, find clarity, and leave so full.

We want to celebrate you!

This circle centers those who are pregnant, but other women are welcome to hold space. 

Please invest what you can to keep this space open each season and support community birth.

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workshop available for download

this live workshop recording covers everything you need to know to make the most powerful medicinal st. john's wort oil yourself. this oil is probably the most versatile herbal oil to have at home for every day use and medicine for so many things. and it's literally magic - the blood red oil made from brilliant yellow blossoms transforming before your eyes.

in this video, we walk through each step of making potent, medicinal herbal oil from fresh st. john's wort - including where to find it, the sacred harvest, ethical wildcrafting, and exactly how to process this plant to extract the most powerful components of this magical plant. 

$49 investment

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